How to take Care of a Manea instrument:

Over the years Master Luthier Dumitru Manea used several types of finishes: Violin Oil Varnish, Clear Waterbase Lacquer, Nitrocellulose Lacquer and UV Polyester top coat.

Dumitru Manea has done extensive research in all kinds of finishes and he found that the best finish for a high-end musical instrument is Violin Oil Varnish.

Manea instruments are some of the finest musical instruments in the world and is well designed that it needs minimum or no maintenance. Every instrument no matter how well it’s made, they all need adjustments from time to time. Specially if they bean made from solid woods.

The Neck of the instrument will be settling in and pull forward with time.

If you are a proud owner of a Manea instrument, they are several things you must do or keep on aye on.

Please let the professionals do the necessary adjustments for the next steps:

If the Truss Road needs adjustment.
If the saddle needs to be re intonated.
If any pickup wires are loose inside of the instrument and the plug-in jack.
Every time you replace your strings you must recondition the Fingerboard (for the frets to not loosen up) and the bridge (acoustic guitars).
Also recondition or polish the entire instrument.

After the instrument is played, a good handmade instrument must always be put back in the original case. It is the safest place for your instrument to be and creates its own environment. It’s the best place to keep the dust off it. Dust and cob webs are very bad for your instrument.

The only time the instrument should be out of the case, is if you have a live performance. The instrument must be acclimated at minimum 30 minutes with in the environment is performed.


After playing your instrument before you put it back in the case, you must wipe down the natural oils off the strings. The strings will last longer that way. 

Let’s keep instruments in good condition for the next generation of musicians.

The Repair:
Master Luthier Dumitru Manea and Manea Guitars only performs repairs on Manea products.

If you own a Manea instrument/product and needs repair, contact Dumitru Manea to schedule a repair. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges to and from Manea Guitars.

Once we receive the product, it will be inspected by Dumitru Manea and an estimate will be given. A full payment must be received prior to repair. Dumitru Manea will do all the necessary repairs to make sure that that the instrument/product is back in the same functional/playable condition originally was intended.

Please do not perform repairs on any Manea products in less you know what you are doing. Thinking that you know something and knowing, are two different things. Please live it to professionals… 

Your happiness is our number one priority and your support of this company is greatly appreciated.

Get more freedom in your music today by purchasing a Manea instrument/product.

Freedom Health and Happiness are Priceless…