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“Here’s where it all got started”

The origin of Manea Guitars can be traced to the interests of a young Romanian man, Dumitru Manea. The Communist government of Romania took away all but five acres of land from Dumitru’s parents. The loss of the farm and orchard land left them with 13 children and the reality of a new lifestyle. In spite of these obstacles his parents were able to instill in him a respect for hard work and the ability to set goals and achieve them.

Dumitru’s woodworking skills originated during his early childhood. Life was hard for the Manea family and toys were not easily available or affordable. Young Dumitru began to carve his own toys and soon became an accomplished wood carver who knew and understood the properties of various woods.

At the age of six Dumitru was given an old and decrepit guitar. He was a resourceful young man and soon found two old wires which could be used as strings. This was the beginning of a love affair with music and the acoustic guitar. At the age of 16 his hard work and attention to detail paid off for him and he was accepted into music school after finishing first in the entrance examination.

When he was 17 he took the first opportunity available to immigrate to the United States. Under the Communist government in Romania it took almost 4 years to obtain a passport so that he could finally reach this country and pursue his dream of becoming a Master Luthier. His appreciation for the freedom he has found in Americais reflected in his logo: an eagle’s claw piercing a musical note – Freedom Into Music.

Dumitru continued to hone both his wood carving skills and his musical ability. His knowledge in woodworking continued to develop to the point where he was making elaborate wooden toys, finely detailed ship models, and most importantly, acoustic guitars. Working with wood also enhanced his mechanical skills and his abilities allowed him to expand into the design and building of electronic sound effects and electric guitars.

With Dumitru’s musical training he understands musicians and what they want in a guitar. He is an accomplished designer and draftsman, and has a working knowledge of CAD and CNC manufacturing techniques. Over the years there have been numerous articles and features about him and his guitars in both local and national publications.

Given his background growing up in Romania, his is very tenacious with his business and is always focusing his efforts on the technologies of the future as musicians’ needs change.

Since 1986 Master Luthier DUMITRU MANEA

designed 160+ varieties of Instruments with over 550+ possibilities.